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As a kid, Tom started reading mysteries with the Hardy Boys, Ken Holt and Rick Brant, and graduated to the classic stories by authors such as A. Conan Doyle, , John Dickson Carr, Erle Stanley Gardner and Rex Stout, to name a few. Tom has written fiction as a hobby all of his life, starting in marble-backed copybooks in grade school. He built a career as a writer, doing technical writing, science writing and editing for nearly thirty years in industry and government. Now that he's truly on his own as a freelance science writer and editor, he's excited to publish his own mystery series as well, the Natalie McMasters Mysteries. Follow Tom on Facebook at, on Twitter @3Mdetective or email him at to get all the news about Nattie and the 3M gang, as well as Tom's other writing projects.

The Measles Outbreak and American Anti-intellectualism

Ayn Rand wrote, “You can avoid reality, but you can’t avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” As of February 20, 2015, 154 cases of measles were reported in 17 states and Washington D.C. These cases were traced to the Philippines, … Continue reading

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Genomic surveillance elucidates Ebola virus origin and transmission during the 2014 outbreak

Source: Another follow up to Ebola – The New Black Death on Tekrighter’s Science Blog See on – Cool Science

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10 Things You Might Not Know About Ebola

-The 2014 outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa has the world on high alert. Currently deemed an international public health emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO), the virus has racked up more than 1,060 deaths and sickened 1,975 … Continue reading

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Online collaboration: Scientists and the social network

Giant academic social networks have taken off to a degree that no one expected even a few years ago. A Nature survey explores why. Source: A great article on how social networking is enhancing research collaboration! See on … Continue reading

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Mars One medical director outlines next round of selection

In this short interview, Dr. Norbert Kraft, the medical advisor of the Mars One Project, describes the next round of selection, which will take place over the next few months. LINK: Mission to Mars… Source: Here’s a follow-up to my … Continue reading

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Ebola – The New Black Death?

Ebola. For those who are familiar with it, that word strikes fear into the heart. It is the name of a tropical disease, which has been back in the news recently due to an outbreak in several West African Countries. … Continue reading

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NASA: Earth escaped a near-miss solar storm in 2012

Back in 2012, the Sun erupted with a powerful solar storm that just missed the Earth but was big enough to “knock modern civilization back to the 18th century,” NASA said. The extreme space weather that tore through Earth’s orbit on … Continue reading

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